DSEI - 2017 | Sunday, July 9, 1905

Parteciperemo dal 12 al 15 Settembre 2017 al "The World Leading Defence & Security Event" Uniquely focused in its content, DTC Conferences will bring together key decision makers and leading international experts from the government and commercial organisations. The Events are customized to reflect the specific requirements of the Users in the region and beyond. The content will reflect a fully integrated Event, representing the very latest in capabilities and technologies spanning every aspect of a nation's needs. In each Event, there will also be an Exhibition which will provide a unique platform showcasing the latest technologies in equipment and operational systems from the world's leading industries. Unlike other major regional Events, DTC Conferences is strongly focused on Technology and its benefit(s). Hence, it will provide an excellent opportunity for all attendees/participants to exchange know-how and share experiences, in application(s) of current leading-edge technology, planning and operations, procurement and logistics. With National and Regional Security being a primary concern in today's world, especially in the Southeast Asia Region, many countries are also interested in preparing themselves with the capability to face a new unknown and unseen enemy, which hitherto never existed.It is, therefore, timely to provide a fresh avenue for all to interact and build new relationships and exchange views and information on the latest technologies available to deal with such threats.