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Powerflex have a mechanical engineering department to develop its products and to deliver the following services:

• Functional requirements and project constraints analysis
• Design and development of the product meeting customer specification and military standards
• Design of tools for special mechanical manufacturing procedures
• Design of special mechanical structures for testing purposes
• Design of amortized containers in aluminum alloy to transport 19” equipment racks
• Design of composite material containers for transportation
• Elaboration of project technical documentation (technical and functional specification, manufacturing and assembly drawings, part lists, manufacturing and control plans, procedures and manufacturing cycles)
• CAD (Computer Aided Design) – Parametric Solid 3D Modelling and 2D Drawing
• CAPP (Computer Aided Process Planning) – Manufacturing Process Planning
• CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) – Elaboration of working process within metal Ambient
• CAE (Computer Aided Engineering) – Geometric Modelling Analysis and Product/Process optimization
• REVERSE ENGINEERING – Reverse 3D CAD Modelling


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