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Powerflex believes it is necessary to distribute collectively the corporate benefits that it draws from the social fabric in which it operates. A working and opulent company improves the overall living conditions and allows companies to grow further by triggering positive virtuous processes for all sectors of society.
Powerflex feels it is essential to operate according to some basic principles

  • respect for the environment and the territory
  • job security
  • better quality of work and the social and economic conditions of their employees
  • interaction with the territory

Powerflex can be defined as an eco-compatible company for the industrial features of its product. In our production

  • no significant energy consumption is required, if not the ones required for a simple business,
  • there is no emission of polluting materials in the environment,
  • production waste materials are partly recycled and partially disposed of in a controlled manner in the normal specific supply chain,
  • no chemical solvents or hydrocarbon derivatives are used
  • the products prevent damage to the instrumentation, thereby avoiding their sudden replacement and the increase in the amount of accessories to be disposed of
  • the product life is very long (about 30-50 years) and therefore do not interfere with short term disposal
  • packaging do not require significant volumes of materials to be dispensed and are often reusable
La Powerflex collaborates with several Campania Universities within research projects and in the field of training for students. The company has always been aware of the importance of supporting the highest training institutions to contribute as a global industrial partner to the realization of research projects that would otherwise be unsuccessful. In addition, for young people, the possibility of internships in the company is crucial for completing the training cycles both in the cultural and techno-business context.
Recently, Powerflex has also started a series of technical-training cycles alongside high tech institutes.
Powerflex based on their own success on human capital & nbsp; and on the synergies that teamwork can develop, considering teamwork not simply a sum of factors but a multiplication of the same . The Company has been focusing on young people for their ability to innovate, for their positive attitude toward work and their growth capabilities. For this reason, Powerflex has always placed the man in the center of his development with his knowledge and continuous research into the future.
That is why he has decided to contribute to youth training through sport as a aggregate source that teaches healthy competition and hard work to achieve positive results in life.
Powerflex is in fact close to the LBL Caserta company that promotes youthful activity both playful and competitive in the basketball field

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